Journal of Physical Therapy Practice
A Collaborative Free Access Resource and Publication approved for public distribution.
Mission: To provide an electronic open source forum for peer reviewed presentation of research, theories, interventions, and commentary related to the practice of Physical Therapy.

Educational Practice and Reform
The journal is published once a year. The journal is dedicated to promoting and disseminating academic work of scholars, practitioners and students. To that end, the journal intends to create a collaborative academic community which informs practice and engenders educational reform when appropriate.

Journal of Unconventional Parks, Tourism & Recreation Research (JUPTRR)
The mission of the journal is to present a forum for research that is unconventional, or research and articles that represent out of the box thinking. While we respect the gravity of traditional research models and outlets, we feel there needs to be a home for satellite ideas that would not normally be presented in conventional journals. JUPTRR promises to be a big place, with plenty of room for all sorts of ideas.